About Fancywood Farms

    Healthy, happy, wonderful, fuzzy, life companions!

My husband Ben Ball and myself - Tammy Ball have been raising dogs for over 24 years now.  Specializing in Brussels Griffon, Scottish Terrier, Shiba Inu, Miniature Pinschers and rarely a Japanese Chin litter.

Fancy was the name of my first dog; and Woody was the name of my second.  Therefore we are now and will always be - FANCYWOODFARMS.  

 I worked at a vet's office for over 10 years learning the skills I needed to raise puppies correctly.  Now I take care of our puppies 24/7.  Should I have an issue arrise with one of the puppies; it is off to the vet he goes.  My husband Ben Ball works on the maintenance of the farm, continues to take care of our breeding dogs to keep them at top shape, and helps me make the breeding decisions that make our dogs and puppies desirable life companions.  Our goal is to raise quality, healthy, happy, outstanding companions for many long years.  My dogs health and Kennel practices are all overseen by Dr. Vaughan McDowell.

 We are an American Kennel Club (AKC) compliant kennel which basically means our kennel is inspected, our records are inspected, our dogs are inspected, and our pups are DNA'd at the inspectors choice yearly.  We always pass our kennel inspection with flying colors and are told that we do it right.  When the inspector was last here I asked if he saw anything he would like changed since he sees such a variety of kennels in his line of business.........I was told to keep doing what we were doing as everything looked great!

Miniature Pinschers ears are cropped between 6-8 weeks of age.  Should you wish a puppy without cropped ears; speak up early and reserve your puppy.  Tails are docked and dewclaws removed at several days old.

Our Brussels Griffons ears are are often left natural as this breed does not handle anesthesia well.  Should the pup require additional surgery such as an umbilical hernia repair then the ears are cropped at that time since they are already under anesthesia. Please browse through our available pups for your favorite color, personality, and ear set of these wonderful gentle dogs. 

Buying a dog from a reputable breeder is essential.  Bad breeding leads to genetic health issues, attitude problems, and size and breed characteristic difficulties.  Does your Chihuahua look like a Beagle?  The size of a Beagle?  Attitude of a Rottweiler?  Good breeding is the answer.  Buying a dog from a reputable breeder that works hard to work on these issues and is willing to spay an animal that is not producing the type and kind of healthy dog that is a good representative of its breed is the first step in achieving your companion lifemate.  We genetic test out breeding dogs for any known health issues for that breed.  Using VetGen genetic testing just makes us one step closer to controlling deadly genetic diseases.  An example is VWD and CMO in Scottish Terriers.  A reputable breeder will genetic test - we do.

I have been raising Brussels Griffon dogs since 1995; and have made wonderful strives to continue great health, personality and size conformity of this wonderful companion breed.  We have recently imported a new boy here from Lithuania to improve our genetic lines and add a new color and continue working on size conformity.  Look for his puppies very soon!  Just recently we imported another bloodline from Poland & Russia.  She has just had her first litter here and her pups are lovely.

Over the years I have added  Minature Pinschers, Scottish Terrier and Shiba Inu and am going to strive to make the same improvements in these great little companions.  I was lucky - the breeder that I acquired my Miniature Pinschers from had been working on this breed for over 25 years herself.  She has done a wonderful job with temperament, size conformity and good breed type.  My Shiba Inu breeding stock came from a lady that has bred this particular breed for over 15 years.  This has given me some wonderful foundation stock to start with.

Browse through our available puppies and take home a quality healthy family companion today.

If you do not see the particular breed you are looking for - just email me.  I do not put my puppies on the website until they are ready for sale.  That doesn't mean I do not have any pups of the breed you are looking for or have a planned breeding.


DO NOT BE SCAMMED!!!'s If you are interested in purchasing a puppy off the internet from ANY breeder - use some common sense. If the deal sounds too good to be true.....it is. As for fraud control please ask your prospective breeder for SOMETHING. I recommend a picture of your name on a piece of paper with the date with the puppy standing next to that picture. If a scammer has stolen a picture he/she will not be able to do that for you because they do not have the puppy. Or references - a legitimate breeder will always be able to provide a reference from another buyer.   There are just as many scammers stealing my photos to scam individuals as there are scammers taking innocent client's money.  I don't mean to scare anyone. Everyone needs to protect themselves when purchasing anything through the internet.