Healthy, happy, wonderful, fuzzy, life companions are looking for families to take them home from Fancywood Farms, a Rogers, Arkansas, breeder in the heart of the Ozark Mountains. Raising puppies since 1995, we sell purebred puppies, specializing in Brussels griffon, miniature pinschers, Scotties/Scottish terriers and Shiba Inu.

Named after our first dog Fancy and our second dog Woody we will always be named Fancywood Farms.  At Fancywood Farms all of our puppies go through a veterinarian protocol for vaccination, de-wormings, and good health procedures to ensure they are healthy and ready for new homes. We will not release a puppy until it is absolutely ready and thus any puppy for sale on our site is guaranteed to be healthy.

Because our goal is to raise quality, healthy, happy, desirable, outstanding life companions, our puppies and breeding dogs receive 24/7 care. An American Kennel Club (AKC) compliant kennel, our kennel, records, dogs and puppies are inspected to ensure high quality breeding.

We have been raising Brussels griffon dogs since 1995, making wonderful strives in great health, personality and size conformity in our puppies. We currently breed with imported Lithuanian, Russian and Polish breeding bloodlines as well as our local United States genetics. Over the years, we also added our Miniature Pinschers, Scottish terriers and Shiba Inus.  

We also genetic health test our breeding dogs for the recommended genetic disorders of the breed.  An example - Our Scottish Terriers are testing for Von Willebrand disease type III which is a bleeding disorder that breed can get.  Craniomandibular Osteopathy is another painful genetic disorder we test that breed for.

In addition to maintaining above average health, we strive to socialize each and every puppy with children, cats and strangers and integrate them into as many different situations as we can. This will ensure that your new life companion is healthy in both mind and body.

Browse through our selection of available puppies and start your process of obtaining a wonderful new life companion today!

Due to current and changing laws - we are no longer going to offer cargo shipping of our puppies.  We will gladly meet you part way if you choose to drive.  With that being said - most pups are better off flying if you total drive time is more than 4 hours.  These pups will tend to stress and go off their food if a longer drive is done.  Or we will meet you at the airlines with the necessary paperwork for you to take a pup back to your home under your seat.  Rest assured we will help make the arrangements for your new pet to get to its new home!  In some circumstances we will fly out with your new pup under our seat and you can meet us at your airport!

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DO NOT BE SCAMMED!!! If you are interested in purchasing a puppy off the internet from ANY breeder - use some common sense. If the deal sounds too good to be is. As for fraud control please ask your prospective breeder for SOMETHING. I recommend a picture of your name on a piece of paper with the date with the puppy standing next to that picture. If a scammer has stolen a picture he/she will not be able to do that for you because they do not have the puppy. Or references - a legitimate breeder will always be able to provide a reference from another buyer. There are just as many scammers stealing my photos to scam individuals as there are scammers taking innocent client's money. I don't mean to scare anyone. Everyone needs to protect themselves when purchasing anything through the internet.

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