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Hi Tammy,

Just wanted to let you know that Poo (Cooper) is doing great!! I couldn't have  asked for a better personality or looks! He is so much fun! He is adjusting just fine

and is so much fun to have. This was a first for me...purchasing over the

internet...and I could not have asked for a better experience!! You were

accommodating from my mom's first contact and throughout the entire process! We are so thankful to have such a great little guy!!


Hi Tammy ,

Here is the most updated picture of my sweet Miss Baby Boo . She is 18 weeks now .

You said we would know her true colors at 16 weeks . Surprisingly she still has her dark beard .

I have heard it is very rare for them to keep it . And , even the dog "Verdell" on "As Good As It Gets " had his colored in .

She is our everything ! She is so funny , smart , and mostly a little snuggle bunny . At such a young age she already acts on commands : sit , paw ( both right and left ) , and down . We love to watch her do her Griff run , when she tucks in her little butt at amazing speeds .

She is our first Griff . We would highly recommend the breed to anyone who is a real dog lover .

Her personality is more than we could have ever hoped for . We could not be any happier .

We are so glad we found Fancywood Farms !!! Tammy you have been amazing !

We really appreciate all the time you have taken teaching us how to take care of our new precious baby both before and after the process of purchasing her . You said you would be there for any questions we would have afterwards and you have !!! I am not sure how many people would be as devoted to you .

A million thanks !!!!!!!!!

Boo's mom and dad ( Julie and Gary )

Hi Tammy,

Briggs is doing excellent. Thank you for delivering such an endearing Brussels Griffon puppy. You have truly been outstanding throughout the entire process of selling me a dog. Your patience and responsiveness in helping me acclimate Briggs to his new home after his arrival has been incredibly helpful. It is evident that you truly care about your puppies and are passionate about providing nothing but the best for them. You have gone the extra mile to answer all of my questions and have provided advice that I didn't find anywhere else, which is a testament to your experience raising puppies. I'll let you know when I get ready to purchase another griff from you in the future!


Tammy Ball owner of FancyWood Farms:

*quick to respond, not only with first email, but with every inquiry*answered all my BG questions, including extra information
*easily worked out a payment & delivery
*provided proper BG lineage, registry, vet record
s & basic dog care instructions/nutritional info
*during meet up, continued answering leftover questions
*concerned with our BG comfort, had blankets with familiar smells to ease the transition
*has since corresponded offering additional help, if needed
*our BG has grown to be a sweet, well-mannered, playful 6 month old

*We have, and will continue, to recommend FancyWood Farms to others interested in BG breed

Ed & Jennifer Marbach, Lebannon OH

July 2017

My husband and myself were looking for a new companion dog because ours have passed. Over the years we have had many toy breeds and of course loved them all. We started the process of finding our new companion. Deciding on what would be our first Brussells Griffon we contacted FancyWood Farms and talked with Tammy.

From the start Tammy wanted to be sure we understood the dogs personality and needs. Carefully explaining the Griffons needs for attention and their attachment. We purchased our "Angelette" & Tammy flew & HAND delivered her in person. again with written information on her shots, even a small bag of food.

Tammy went out of her way to accommodate & answer any questions we had. Our veterinarian examined her & in his opinion we had a champion companion. Great gratitude for our new family baby.

Another couple of pupdates: Both of these girls are FWF babies! Their mom Jennifer says they are living it up in Colorado. They go hiking, love to bark at the deer and play in the snow! They are both very sweet and loving dogs. They have wonderful personalities and are very healthy also. RITA SUE AND TRUDY!

We have Alexis updating us on her pup living in California and enjoying the sun! Enjoy the sun Cali!!!! Here's Cali to add to the puppy/adult update! Born to Sissy and Gabby in late Nov. 2020. We love her so much. She is crazy and a total velcro dog lol. 🥰